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These services are an opportunity to work directly with the Founder of Five Star Academy, Laken James, and our elite staff of Mentors. Whether you are looking to enhance your basketball skills, build your team's chemistry, or even need a little confidence boost, this is your perfect opportunity. Check out our additional services offered through Five Star Academy to book below! 



Group Trainings

This is an opportunity to grow your game with a member our Elite Basketball Coaching staff. Trainings can be altered to suit all ages and skill sets. Let's get to work!


Motivational Speaking

As a leader, would it be a bad idea to inspire your athletes toward personal growth that results in a tight-knit community?

Five Star Founder & Motivational Speaker Laken James is able to refresh your players mindsets; unlocking the potential that will take your athletes to the next level. 

Laken Training Camp 123_edited.jpg


Culture & Team Building 

Culture is the key to great team. Learning how to create and sustain cutlure can be difficult. We are now offering workshops and team building sessions to help you turn your team from good to GREAT. 


Quick Confidence

Quick Confidence is a session we offer to athletes that might be struggling with confidence. The athlete will receive one of our most valuable lesson in STARS Curriculum and then have a 1v1 Meeting with a mentor. Sometimes we all just need a little confidence boost.

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